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Hiking Tour from Spitzingsee to Tegernsee

2019-09-20 // Robin // 2 minutes

From 14. to 15. September 2019 we made a hike tour from Spitzingsee to Tegernsee.

Day 1: From Spitzingsee to Gufferthütte

We took the train to Neuhaus and from there the bus up to Spitzingsee. Unfortunately the train and the bus were so crowded, that we had to wait for one hour to get another bus which took us up to the lake. Therefore we started relative late at ca. 11:30 AM the tour to the Erzherzog-Johann-Klause, with an estimated duration of 2:37h. We crossed the beatutiful Valeppalm and walked along the river Brandenberger Ache.

The first part of the trail was shared with many mountainbiker which were also enyoing the mountains. At the Erzherog-Johann-Klause we noticed that it was closed, so we took a little break, before we moved on to our destination to the Gufferthütte. From the Klause it was another three hour walk, but this time it was only uphill. It was a very exhausting walk and we made several breaks to regenerate. Finally we arrived at the Gufferthütte around 17:00 PM. We checked in and prepared our beds for the night. We enjoyed our meals, which were very good and we also took the opportunitiy to shower.

Day 2: From Gufferthütte to Wildbad Kreuth

The second day started early and we walked around the beautifully Sindelsdorfer Alm and up to the Halserspitze which we reached at around 9:00 AM. From there we walked along the ridge, which can savely be done, to Blaubergkopf and finally to Blaubergschneid. From there we reached the Blaubergalm and took a short rest. The last part of our tour was around the Schildenstein, which we didn´t reached. Our last stop was at the Königsalm. A very nice place and they have very tastefully cakes there. From there we walked around the Hoher Gernberg and finally arrived at the bus stop at Wildbad Kreuth. From there we took the bus to Tegernsee and from there the train back to Munich. All in all it was a very nice tour, with beautiful sceneries and great places to rest. Unfortunately was the train back to Munich also very crowded and the air-conditioning was not working, so the inner peace from the tour melted a little bit away...