Infinitum Finis Design

Zola Insights

2020-04-15 // Robin // 1 minutes

In this post I am going to show you how I have build this site with Zola. The template folder is organized as followed:


The core file is of course the index.html file. The other files only extend the index file and add other functionalities. The "page-static.html" file is intended for single sites, like an "About" or "Legal" page.


I will start with the index.html as this is the core template.

Goodbye Drupal, Welcome Zola

2020-03-30 // Robin // 2 minutes

Welcome to the newly designed website for Infinitum Finis Design. It took some time but it is finally here. The redesign for Infinitum Finis Design is now using Zola, which is a Static-Site-Generator (SSG) written in Rust. Before Zola I used Drupal 7 and 8, but the work to maintain and update it, was too much. I also had the feeling, that I could not easily change the templates in Drupal 8.