Infinitum Finis Design

Goodbye Drupal, Welcome Zola

2020-03-30 // Robin // 2 minutes

Welcome to the newly designed website for Infinitum Finis Design. It took some time but it is finally here. The redesign for Infinitum Finis Design is now using Zola, which is a Static-Site-Generator (SSG) written in Rust. Before Zola I used Drupal 7 and 8, but the work to maintain and update it, was too much. I also had the feeling, that I could not easily change the templates in Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 has two core templates, "stable" and "classy", unfortunately the documentation is not very helpfull and complete. In order to build your theme in Drupal, you have to choose from these two or other themes, but I found the concept of inheritance from these themes strange. Perhaps it is a great feature, but for me it is too overwhelming. Also I do not need many of the features from Drupal, like managing users or the possibilites for users to write comments. Therefore I looked for a simpler and faster solution and found the domain of Static-Site-Generators. Of course it took some time to dive into Zola and to understand the concept behind it with its "section" and "page" difference. Also Tera, the template engine, is quite powerful and I needed some time to grap the potential behind it. In the next insights I am going to analyze and show how I build up the new Infinitum Finis Desing website, but for now I want to reconsider why I switched from Drupal 8 to Zola.

Below are some of the most important features, why I have chosen Zola as my Static-Site-Generator:

  • No security issues, as there is no user input, no database, or dynamically generated data
  • Written in Rust and only a single binary
  • Very fast, because it is a SSG
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Taxonomy support
  • Pagination

In order to clarify one point: I think that Drupal 8 is a great product, but for me and my personal preferences it does not fit anymore.

  • Security issues with third party libraries
  • No need for user management
  • No need for comments
  • Quite difficult to implement galleries
  • Also syntax highlighting is a hassle